Brief Description:

A lake, an abandoned mansion, a love affair–all combine to give Jan the answers to the mystery of her childhood adventure with her brother.  From exploring the island at five years old, she was obsessed with the house.  Thirty years later, she discovers the answers, a love affair and the realization of her dreams.

Excerpts (Chapter One):

Believe it, I said to myself.  You actually own that special island and the mysterious house.  The house, the island had been an obsession of mine since I was fifteen years old.  I never, ever imagined it would one day be mine.

My family had owned a summer cottage on Lake Elizabeth in Vermont  The crystal clear lake showed the rocky bottom with fish and turtles squirming and paddling their way through the water seeking something to eat.  My brother and I named this summer home “Rockwater Lodge,” a rather fancy name for a two story log cabin located in a forest of white birch and evergreen trees.  Stepping outside on the Wrap around porch, the aroma from the pine trees delighted the senses always intensified by an afternoon rain storm…..

On a lazy heated summer day we decided to go to the island.  My brother rowed.  My job was to keep a watchful eye on our house to make sure mother didn’t see where we were going.  She had made it very clear we were not to go on the island…..

Inside it felt chilly and damp.  The rooms were enormous and empty–completely devoid of furniture, books or other personal items.  A curved staircase dominated the end of the hallway.  “I don’t think this place has been lived in for a long time.  I almost feel as though someone is watching me.  Can’t you feel the eyes?” I just wanted to get out of there. “It’s spooky,” We didn’t do much exploring–I think Charlie was spooked as well.


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