WRITERS BLOCK – As I understand the term, defines a desire to write but the words won’t materialize.

MENTAL BLOCK – My definition:  When I know I should be writing and the words are there in my brain, but I just don’t want to do it.  I suppose this may be caused by family stresses, financial problems, obstinacy or procrastination.

In the past family stresses have pushed me to write so I could forget about what was going on.  Same for financial problems.  Obstinacy is my reaction to someone telling me what I should be doing and I am just going to show that person I don’t have to.  And then we come to the big, bad procrastination.

Now I can tell you that I am under continuing stress, there’s not enough month left over at the end of the money or no one is going to dictate to me when I should or should not write.  But in truth my problem is “procrastination.”  If I put it off a little longer, I say to myself, I’ll write it bettr than if I do it now.  Or nobody really cares whether I write that right now or not.  Ever felt this way?

So am I arguing semantics and calling “writer’s block” by another name in order not to be like everyone else–those poor writers who keep complaining about writer’s block?

Probably!  What do you think?


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August 15, 2013 · 9:04 am


The Puritans came to our shores and settled in Massachusetts.  They came to escape the restrictions of a religion they found intolerable in England.  Interestingly, they were as restrictive about their brand of religion as those from whom they had escaped.  A small group did not like what was occurring in Massachusetts and gathered their families, belongings and cattle and moved a little further south to what eventually became Connecticut.  They believed strongly in education for both boys and girls and particularly for their religious leaders.

The Connecticut Colonial Governor was John Winthrop, Jr., son of the Colonial Governor of Massachusetts.  He was instrumental in changing the requirements necessary to charge a person with being a witch and did not believe in the persecution of witches.  He played an important part in Elizabeth’s story in the novel “Hang the Witch,” available on Amazon and Kindle.

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This web site is about my books. I hope you will find them entertaining. Each of the books shown is available on Amazon, Kindle and Reading has always been part of my life and at any time, I might be reading two books — perhaps a love story and a mystery. Reading was such fun, I started to write. Please enjoy.

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