Hi there —

My name is Betty Nearing and I am an author,  who started writing short stories, which were published in the Patchwork Path anthology series, titled,  The Wedding Bouquet, Christmas Stocking, and Treasure Box.

Since my short story beginnings, I published a novel entitled, The Island House, a romance with a twist of mystery and a historical fiction novel, Hang the Witch, a story taking place in the early 1660’s in Colonial America about a woman who was tried three times for witchcraft.

Writing to me is fun and I hope to entertain readers with stories that are a little different.

As for my personal history, I live in Florida and spend some of my time volunteering at the local library and the hospital.  By most standards I would be considered old as I am now an octogenarian; however, I am  young and heart and active.  It is true, at least from my point of view that age is a state of mind — my state of mind is much younger.  Fortunately, I am able to be active.  I’m one of those who, as the saying goes, will die with my boots on.

Recently I was honored to be in the “winners’ circle’ of the WOW-Women on Writing’s Fall 2013 flash fiction contest with a story titled Second Chance.

Currently I am working on a sequel to The Island House, a new romance novel, and a memoir.  I also waste time playing games on the computer; however, I often get my best ideas during my play time and then return with renewed interest to writing.

All my books are available on Amazon and Kindle.  Second Chance may be read on http://www.wow-womenonwwriting.com in their Ezine.


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