A Different Slant on Remembeering

As an octogenarian, I grew up in a Patriotic America, supporting our troops through World War II.  Joyous when one came home and immeasurably saddened when one was taken away  from us.  This huge worldwide war took many lives and separated many families for years.  The survivors, for the most part did not want to discuss what they had done or what they had seen

The tragedy of that war was followed by a Police Action (euphemism for war) in Korea when we continued to send the promise of our future off to war one more time.  And then Vietnam, and still continuing to the Gulf, Iraq, and Afghanistan.

During Veteran’s Day weekend just past, there were very few programs and/or movies that honored our veterans being shown on television.  The news covered the placing of the traditional wreath at the base of the unknown soldier.

On the other hand, just days later, we arrive at the fifty year anniversary of the assassination of John F. Kennedy, President of the United States.  A despicable act on the highest officer our country.  Worthy of remembering.  Most of our young people do not remember him or how we as a nation mourned him.

It did not matter whether we were Republican or Democrat; his assassination was not to be tolerated.  TV has been running commentary all during this week of November 17, 2013 noting the 50th anniversary of his death.

The man may have been the best president we could have had, but with his death he had only served for a little under two years and, therefore, did not have time to implement any important programs.   His greatest achievement was inspiring our country to explore outer space which he never lived to see and the establishment of the Peace Corps.  He is remembered more for inspiring words than particular acts.

This is a personal feeling for me.  What is more important?  Honoring the Hundreds of  thousands who have served our country to protect our freedoms?  Or the anniversary of a man cut down in his prime and is now just a fable to many like Abraham Lincoln?

It is my opinion we should do more honoring and remembering of those who have fallen in battle and of those who still serve to keep us free as well as those who have returned to us and rejoined the civilian population.

Thank you to each and every one of you who served to protect me and my country.


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