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WRITERS BLOCK – As I understand the term, defines a desire to write but the words won’t materialize.

MENTAL BLOCK – My definition:  When I know I should be writing and the words are there in my brain, but I just don’t want to do it.  I suppose this may be caused by family stresses, financial problems, obstinacy or procrastination.

In the past family stresses have pushed me to write so I could forget about what was going on.  Same for financial problems.  Obstinacy is my reaction to someone telling me what I should be doing and I am just going to show that person I don’t have to.  And then we come to the big, bad procrastination.

Now I can tell you that I am under continuing stress, there’s not enough month left over at the end of the money or no one is going to dictate to me when I should or should not write.  But in truth my problem is “procrastination.”  If I put it off a little longer, I say to myself, I’ll write it bettr than if I do it now.  Or nobody really cares whether I write that right now or not.  Ever felt this way?

So am I arguing semantics and calling “writer’s block” by another name in order not to be like everyone else–those poor writers who keep complaining about writer’s block?

Probably!  What do you think?


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August 15, 2013 · 9:04 am